Oh, look it's me.

So a month ago I made a post..

That post was about my return and yes, instead of revamping this whole blog, I am leaving it as it is with all information and posts intact.

I am going to take up the same things as here on THIS BLOG, it is going to be much more organised and helpful, or so I do hope.

So, any followers I have here would like to follow my new blog then that’d be great and I will try and refollow everyone on there that I do here.



So, I ditched here once again, all a stress overload accident, but I’m attempting to reach back into the roleplay world again, yay?

I’ll be slowly building this up again and I didn’t realise that people would be still sending a  mountain load of requests in the ask, but you have, I might try and do a lot of the suggestions.

So, give me a few days to organise, delete and make everything easier for you guys to navigate.

Anonymous asked:
Hello dear, could you please make some Jessica Lowndes icons? Thanks xx

Of course lovely, it’s going on my to do list.

Nina Dobrev and Andrew Garfield Crackship Manip | Made for roleplay purposes


All are on my list to do, they should be done soon.

Also, all the Holland Roden makes me a little iffy on that anons just send different asks with the same person, please don’t do this guys. It’s not fair, I try to do one request per person, but if I see anons doing this then I will make requests asked off anon. You are taking slots from other people that aren’t going to be greedy.

Anyways - that is all manip slots filled until I get these done.

Katy Perry and Harry Styles Crackship Manip | Made for roleplay purposes


cookiefitch asked:
Hi ! Love your edits, could you do a Andrew Garfield / Nina dobrev manip please ? :)

Awh, thank-you and of course, it’s on my list. ^-^

Anonymous asked:
do you think you could do a Katy Perry and Harry Styles manip? Thank you tons <3

Yes, of course. It’s on my list, lovely.

I want a roleplay based on The Forsaken..

I don’t know if people would join it, the book is amazing, but you wouldn’t even need the book to understand it.

I found it under a section of ‘if you love  the hunger games, you’ll like this..’

So, basically about a controlling government of everything, teenagers do a test(GPPT) that determines whether they are a threat or anti-government. Sent to Island which is referred to as the wheel, it’s split into different sections, and there is two different groups. There is those that follow ‘the Monk’ who are basically mental, drugged, brainwashed, live in brutal chaos and then the others who live in villages, sustaining life and trying to find a way out.There is attacks from either side and by the.. for the life of me can’t remember the name, but attacks from large metal like machines that take people away, they aren’t ever seen again. There is a lot, I just can’t explain it in short, it just sounds bad.

There is other parts on from that with the storyline, but that is the part I’d use in the roleplay. More detail and explaination of course.

Does that sound interesting or boring? I, you’ll know this if you’ve seen or been in my roleplay, have a love for side plots and events, so it wouldn’t be basic just that. I’d plan attacks and send players messages to see if they’d like to be a victim, traitors, etc.

I’m going to tag this only to see if there is interest, or I’ll go with a town roleplay..

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